Some bands from Copenhagen couldn't join us on the same night. Fortunately, a few days later was happening the Spot Festival in Aarhus, one of the biggest scandinavian music festivals, a sort of little SXSW, where I shot those few more sounds and images. Plus a soundcheck moment with Slaraffenland.

The William Blakes

The William Blakes are fearless. The band's four members have known each other since they were teenagers. The William Blakes received outrageous reviews in their home country for their debut ‘Wayne Coyne’, released on Speed of Sound; an album that was heralded as ‘the best Danish release in years’. The four members are involved in other musical bands, but The William Blakes is the core project for these four friends. They have made music together for more than ten years. Their sound is both anthemic and catchy, both rough and righteous. They started to perform live only recently, adding their friends We Are Brothers on stage for intense and praised shows. This filmed performance was their first acoustic performance ever.


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Taxi Taxi!

Taxi Taxi! is Johanna and Miriam Eriksson Berhan from Stockholm in Sweden. They are twin sisters and formed Taxi Taxi! back in 2005 when they were just 15 years old. In 2007 they released their self-titled and acclaimed debut EP. September 21st 2009 they released Still Standing at Your Back Door, their long awaited debut album. It is released on Rumraket and Tigerspring in Scandinavia and on Fierce Panda in the rest of Europe. They play folky and dreamy tunes with a special sensitivity and a mellow feel. Despite their short career they have already spellbound thousands of listeners across the globe.

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I Got You On Tape

I GOT YOU ON TAPE is a copenhagen-based outfit that was formed in 2004. It consists of Jacob Bellens, Jacob Funch, Jeppe Skovbakke and Rune Kielsgaard. They released their self-titled debutalbum in 2006 with great succes, followed by "2 " in 2007, both on the label Auditorium. Since then they have changed label to Tigerspring and released an EP with various artists remixing tape songs and two new singles. Their third album Spinning for the cause is being released in October 2009. The music is based around Lead-singer Jacob Bellens' esoteric poetry and has been described as dark experimental indie pop.


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Choir of Believers

Choir Of Young Believers started in 2006 as a solo project by danish/greek/indonesian songwriter Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. After making 1 demo song, they were signed to Copenhagen record label Tigerspring. The band made its debut in early 2007 with the EP "Burn The Flag" which earned them loads of attention in Denmark. Since then COYB have developed into a band/collective involving 8-10 other musicians. In september 2008 their highly appraised debut album "This is for the white in your eyes" was released in Denmark and will be released in the rest of the world in the fall of 2009 on US record label Ghostly Int.


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