After the experiment earlier in the night, we had each band playing separately a song. Apart from the films, you can stream and download only the audio, plus download a long track of all the songs mixed together.


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Choir of Young Believers

Choir Of Young Believers started in 2006 as a solo project by danish/greek/indonesian songwriter Jannis Noya Makrigiannis. After making 1 demo song, they were signed to Copenhagen record label Tigerspring. The band made its debut in early 2007 with the EP "Burn The Flag" which earned them loads of attention in Denmark. Since then COYB have developed into a band/collective involving 8-10 other musicians. In september 2008 their highly appraised debut album "This is for the white in your eyes" was released in Denmark and will be released in the rest of the world in the fall of 2009 on US record label Ghostly Int.

Download CHOIR OF YOUNG BELIEVER'S 'Yamagata':

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Jong Pang

Jong Pang is the solo project of Anders Rhedin. Having spent 10 years as a central character in the Copenhagen indie scene performing in various bands and producing groundbreaking albums, he made his solo debut in 2008 with the album "Bright White Light". With his 7 piece band including musicians from bands like Choir Of Young Believers, Under Byen and Le Fiasko, Jong Pang toured a lot in UK. In 2009, Rhedin is back with his second album, "Love", to be released on Tigerspring during the fall.

Download JONG PANG'S 'New Order':

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Murder is the project of Jacob Bellens and Anders Mathiasen. They have composed and played together for ten years. Their first album, One Year From Now It’s My Birthday, arrived in March 2005. The latest album, Stockholm Syndrome, released in Denmark in October 2006, has been getting rave reviews and several critics declared it album of the year. The critics also gave Murder two nominations at the annual critic award show in 2007; one for “Best New Band” and one for “Best Vocalist”. Despite their lo-fi sound, Murder received massive airplay at the national radio with the singles When The Bees Are Sleeping and Applejuice. Stuart Staples from Tindersticks is a declared Murder fan, and the band was invited to support Tindersticks on 8 shows in December ‘08. Live the line-up varies from duo to septet. A new Murder album will be recorded early 2009, and is expected to see the light of day in late Summer 2009.

Download MURDER'S 'Providence':

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Chimes and Bells

Chimes & Bells is a new band, fronted by cellist and singer Cæcilie Trier. Mostly know for her performances with Choir Of Young Believers, Jong Pang, Le fiasko and others, Chimes & Bells marks Triers solo debut. Her debut EP "Into Pieces of wood" was released in Denmark, by Tigerspring, in February 2009 and shortly after the band signed with UK record label Bella Union. Chimes & Bells are currently touring and recording material for the upcoming debut album, to be released in spring 2010.

Download CHIME & BELL'S 'You shall not pass':

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Valby Vokal Gruppe

Valby Vokalgruppe was formed as an experiment into what it is possible to do with the voice and with voices together. The compositions made by the leader of the choir Anja Jacobsen are based on rythmical patterns and very close harmonics and often require a great deal of concentration from the choir members, which, when performed, can lead the thoughts to some kind of a ritual.   Valby Vokalgruppe will make recordings in september 2009, and hopefully release a small album before the end of this year.

Download VALBY VOKAL GRUPPE'S 'Manamana':

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We are Thulebasen: Felia - drums / Niels - guitar  / Nis - Guitar We formed in August 2008, before that Thulebasen was Nis solo project. Nis has released a record in December 2008 on Escho (http://www.escho.net/e13.html) We will have a track together all three of us called Brintbombe on Escho 10 Compilation released in the fall 2009 - we are also making a record which we hope to release in December. We have goals for what we want the music to feel like, don't know if that will make any sense, but when we started out we wanted to be like Nirvana & Guns n Roses, performance theater and some really abstract magic electronic music all mixed up.

Download THULEBASEN'S 'Extract':

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Sad Lovers

The Sad Lovers are Sara, Anna, Oliver and Søren. Four broken hearts crying out their sad love songs. They met in 2007 and will release their debut album sometime during 2010. Other days of the week the bandmembers makes music in/as Under Byen, Our Broken Garden and  Skammens Vogn.

Download SAD LOVERS 'Bring in the Light':

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Efterklang is Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer and Rasmus Stolberg. They formed in Copenhagen in 2001. They released their debut album Tripper in 2004 on British The Leaf Label and their lauded second album Parades in 2007. Performing live the band is often joined by several guest musicians and the musical output has been described as experimental orchestrated pop music. In the fall of 2009 Efterklang is releasing their dvd/live album Performing Parades which is a collaboration with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. Early in 2010 their third full length album will be released, on the 4AD label. As a side project Efterklang runs the record label Rumraket which has released records by artists like Slaraffenland, Taxi Taxi!, Canon Blue and Grizzly Bear

Download EFTERKLANG'S 'Mirror Mirror':

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Slaraffenland is Bjørn Heebøll, Christian Taagehøj, Jeppe Skjold, Niklas Antonson and Mike Taagehøj, and were formed in 2002. Most of them childhood friends (and Christian and Mike are twins), they've spent years developing a sound that conjures everything from melodious addictive building rock and pop to tumbling jazz and noise. Slaraffenland has released two albums Slaraffenland (2004) and Private Cinema (2007) and three EP's Jin Katawa (2005), Sunshine (2008) and Meet and Greet (2009). September 7th/15th 2009 marks the release of the new Slaraffenland album “We’re on Your Side”, released on Rumraket in Scandinavia and Benelux and on Hometapes in the US and Europe . Slaraffenland is now building their own studio in Copenhagen, where they plan to work and do all their future recordings and experiments

Download SLARAFFENLAND'S 'Falling Out':

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